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Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky,

«Montparnasse», 1993
Paris, Montparnasse | Photography | © Andreas Gursky


The multi-storey, unusually wide building was just too big to photograph all at once. Therefore Gursky made two photographs, which he joined together digitally so that the assembled image resembles a single photograph again. As in a picture puzzle, two levels of image recognition emerge: from a certain distance the façade appears to be a flat, ornamental and lifeless structure; but under closer inspection we recognize people, furnishings, human activity, and the rigidly-structured façade becomes alive.


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digital femme

Digital Femme VGB

F.R. Carranza

Happy Birthday To Veronique 31 10 05


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Katrin Freisager

Katrin Freisager



Born 1960 in Zürich (CH). 1983-1987 studies PhIn ihrer Arbotography at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Zürich. Her work is centred around the mise-en-scène of bodies and their borders. Skin, clothing, environment and movement are factors that dissolve the borders of the body, defining the image of body and identity in new ways. Lives in Zürich.


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 Richter Gerhard - Lueg Konrad

Richter, Gerhard - Lueg, Konrad

"Leben mit Pop. Eine Demonstration für den Kapitalistischen Realismus" (1963)

Still from the action of 1963 | Photography | © Richter, Gerhard; Lueg, Konrad


The concept of this action piece concerns: «(a) displaying an entire furniture showroom without it being altered (b) within an isolated exhibition space, as the condensation of the demonstration: showing here the function of a common living room, and meaning when lived in; decorated with the respective utensils, food, drinks, books, household knickknacks, and both painters.


Music for Airports

Anno Dittmer
Brian Eno, Ambient 1: Music for Airports
Fotografie | © Brian Eno


Realisation Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof 1996, Freunde Guter Musik Berlin


Foto: Anno Dittmer


Cerati - Grabaciones 01

Santiago Contreras
«Gustavo Cerati - Capítulo 01»


Gustavo Cerati, argentine musician,  one of the most important creators of rock in spanish, in this session records his new album. Photographies by Santiago Contreras.


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Allan Kaprow

Allan Kaprow
«Push and Pull. A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann»


For the Museum of Modern Art's «Hans Hofmann and His Students» travelling show, Kaprow created «Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann», which consisted of two furnished rooms that could be rearranged by visitors. (Some older women, Kaprow noted, were appalled and began to houseclean.)


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Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik
[Exposition of Music – Electronic Television]


Paik’s first major exhibition was held from 11 to 20 March 1963 in a gallery run by architect Rolf Jährling in his private residence. The title Paik chose indicates his transition from music to the electronic image. Four ‘prepared’ pianos, mechanical sound objects, several record and tape installations, twelve modified TV sets, and the head of a freshly slaughtered ox above the entrance awaited visitors.


Vanessa Beecroft [VB 50]
Vanessa Beecroft [VB 50]

Since the middle of the 1990s, Vanessa Beecroft stages performances that use naked and stylized female bodies as tableaus. In the case of this work from the year 2002, created in Sao Paulo, the determining stylistic elements chosen for the staging amount to a uniformed coloring of the flesh and the wearing of wigs.

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Keith Arnatt «Self Burial»

Keith Arnatt [Self Burial]

With no announcement or further commentary, WDR 3 television inserted into the programmes showing between 11 and 18 October 1969 a series of nine photographs depicting Arnatt gradually sinking into the ground. Two consecutive photos were shown each evening, the first one at 8.15pm, directly after the main news broadcast, the second one in the middle of whatever programme was running at 9.15pm. 

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Carsten Nicolai

Carsten Nicolai

The german artist/musican uses electronic sound and visual art as a kind of hybrid- tool to create his own microscopic view of creative processep. His world looks more like a laboratory- constantly morphing in space and time, influenced by the impulses of this media world, sound- the message as a code- becomes, the primary theme via visualised sound performance.

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