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Allan Kaprow
«Push and Pull. A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann», 1963
Push and Pull. Eine Möbelkomödie für Hans Hoffmann | Photography | ©


For the Museum of Modern Art's «Hans Hofmann and His Students» travelling show, Kaprow created «Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann», which consisted of two furnished rooms that could be rearranged by visitors. (Some older women, Kaprow noted, were appalled and began to houseclean.).


Excerpt form the «Instructions»: Anyone can find or make one or more rooms of any shape, size, proportion, and color -- then furnish them perhaps, maybe paint some things or everything. Everyone else can come in and, if the room(s) are furnished, they also can arrange them, accommodating themselves as they see fit. Each day things will change.»


Allan Kaprow.

Allan Kaprow 01
Allan Kaprow 02
Allan Kaprow 03
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